Overton Project

The 12 Blocks West Revitalization Team has committed to community revitalization. The team has recently begun work on Overton Avenue in Independence, MO.  A vacant apartment building at 710 Overton that was deemed dangerous by the City of Independence has recently been demolished.

In place of the demolished building there are two single-family detached homes under construction to be sold as owner-occupied housing.  Two apartment buildings just west of Overton on Highway 24 are being rehabilitated and will serve as transitional housing for families aspiring to be homeowners.

Partnerships are proving to be a vital part of this community effort; Jackson County’s “Constructing Futures” Program plans to rehabilitate one or two properties in the target area, adding to the momentum of the revitalization effort.

12 Blocks West will work hand in hand with partners to lead community development initiatives including homebuyer education, community engagement activities, and the facilitation of neighborhood associations.

12 Blocks West will engage current residents on Overton to determine the best use of blight removal funded by the City of Independence.  This could include burying power lines, adding sidewalks, demolishing other abandoned properties, and/or other activities suggested by residents.  

Overton Project Press Release

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